Why Travel With us?

In Nepal there are more than thousand of trekking companies in Nepal where they are operating adventurous package to the nature lover seekers clients from all around the world. Our aim and target is to make traveler feel at ease with enjoyable and mesmerizing so that they will visit Himalaya with us again and again. So what makes Everest adventure team different from the rest? There are many reason to join our company or with us. When we were trekking guide all that time creating memorable vacations for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer and we strongly believe that memorable and pleasant experience is the ultimate goal of your precious holiday’s time. Our company is leading countless of trekking to exotic Himalayan destinations with never a negative feedback and remarks from our past and present clients. We are a small but competent company specializing in adventure travel holidays in Himalayan region. We provide a complete array of trekking and tour package that can be customizing according to you interest and budget.

When you travel and book with Everest adventure team where you feel at the home with warm and friendly environment as our guide will keep you occupied with enjoyable time sharing their knowledge regarding the country’s culture, religions, history, and heritage and also including flora and fauna of the area of the travel. We operate various adventurous packages for Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. If you are looking for breathtaking views along the trekking trails in the Himalayans mountain range or world renowned, spiritual attractions with coachman cultures. We do care and take immense care of our guests and make every possible move cater the needs of our valuable clients with affordable price and promising holidays. You will have great time during your Nepal’s holidays and join us we will make it the best ever.