Top Winter Vacation in Nepal

In Nepal there are many routes which can be done in the winter season. The winters in Nepal are not as in the other part of the world. Winter is the great season for the shorter treks at the lower elevations and the temperature may be colder but the views are often at their best. There are many best places to explore Nepal in the winter season among them the best are as follows;

  • Poon hill trek
  • Annapurna region trek
  • Langtang region trek
  • Everest region trek
  • Kathmandu valley trek

Poon hill trek

Poon hill trek is one of the breathtaking treks of the Annapurna region which is also known as the Annapurna sunrise views trekking. It is famous to the point of being trite. The evergreen course leads you to wonderful historic ethnic villages and first rate mountain scenario. This trek takes you to some of the best Himalayan which locations in the Annapurna region. It can be also taken as the short and interesting trekking route which offers all the predominant trekking Nepal. This trek offers trekking and hiking experience through forest, terraced fields and glimpse of the beautiful sunrise views over the Himalayans. Trekking to this hill is not as admixture as some of the other trek. From the iconic this trekking route along with the exploration of local culture and tradition in Ghandruk and Landruk villages. The trek instance the way to this hill which is the reason behind the trek being named as the Poon Hill trek. The local inhabitant of this region is Gurung, thakali and Magar where we will get lots of their culture insight during our trekking period. This complete excellent element makes it a remarkable advent to trekking in Nepal. This is short but one of the most fascinating trek in the Himalayan region. You can get on a bus in the Kathmandu valley then get off at Nayapul then walk towards Birethanti from the our trekking begins.       

Poon hill trek is a short and easy adventure trekking around the Annapurna region. During the time of trekking we can get enjoy the spectacular mountains scenery of this region and the trails generally involves descending through stone paved staircases and the sight of the breathtaking views. The trails maintains thru patchwork valleys, dense past icy waterfall. The trek is regarded as the best for beginners as the trails are welled defined and the walking is not much demanding. This trekking provides trekker with the occasion to blend together the local villagers and their everyday life. Annapurna region is listed as one of the most excellent trekking route in the world. The best season for this trekking route is February to June and September to November but we can also do this trekking in the winter season also.

Annapurna region trek

Annapurna trekking route is one of the popular trekking routes in the Nepal which is situated in the middle of the Nepal. It is probably one of the outstanding destinations for the mountain lover and herbal splendor seeker with the boundless cultural variety, view of ever snow capped mountains and flora and fauna. It is regarded as a paradise that offers beautiful views of the mountains and the wonders of nature. The treks in this region are on a well beaten track. It offers the mind blowing views of various mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, machapuchre and Manaslu. It is also known as the natural habits of hundred splendid animals and birds. A trail alongside the lower valleys typically weaves through field, dipping occasionally into the remaining shady broad leaf forest. The government of Nepal has declared Annapurna region as one of the conservation area where more than 100 varieties of orchids and some of the richest temperate rhododendron forest in the world. This region is relaxing place to end a trek and a handy place to start one. These destinations are more charm and fewer people on the way during the winter season. The region is opened for foreigner from many years. This region is really fascinating the life style and traditional of the inhabitants. This is one not rush and have full enjoyment with close up of Mountains, ancient cultural and diverse biology passing through the some of the stunning scenery of this heavenly country Nepal.

Annapurna Region Trekking is a very popular trekking region in Nepal which lies in the north part of beautiful pokhara. This region trekking is regarded as the easy trek where you can see the wonderful views of Himalayan. Trekking in the lowland villages and the mountain foothills we get an opportunity to observe the diverse group people living there such as Gurung, Thakali, and magar. Entire tea houses and their restaurants are in the service full time in the winter. The people of this region are related on Buddhism. The remote villages of this trekking trail offer refine lodge and guest house eagerly waiting to serve the tourists with enormous hospitality. This region is the house of many birds such as multi color lmpeyan, kokla, blood pleasant amongst a multitude of other birds, butterflies and insects.

Langtng region trek

Langtang region trek is a famous trekking route or destination of Nepal which is also known as the nearest trekking trails from the Kathmandu valley. Area is famous for its natural beauty and wonderful climate with superb snow capped mountains views. This region is considered as the Nepal third largest trekking destination. This trekking route is very much popular for it langtang conservation area which is the house of more than 100 plants, bird of 150 species and many other mammals. The area is famous for its unique traditions, Buddhist monasteries and monument along the way and the wonderful mountain views. The culture in this area is as much of draw as the landscape where the Tamang people were dominant the area. A Tibetan cultural trekking trail is exploration of pure Tibetan culture, natural landscape and mountains. This region gives an opportunity to explore Langtang national park, villages, climb small mountains and to visit glacier. Trekking in this region is sandwiched between the major Himalayan ranges to the north and a range of gigantic peaks to the south. This trekking trail is famous for its awesome beauty. We begin our trekking from the lower region of this valley through the small village. The major attraction of the region is the unique culture of Tamang people who is originally originated from the Tibet and their religious practices, language and dress are very similar to those of Tibet than to traditions of their cousins in the middle hills.

Langtang region trekking is one of the visited trekking routes of Nepal which indulges regular and novice trekkers alike in a once in a lifetime experience. This trail is gifted with sublime mountain views and impressive scenic landscape. It is another best short trekking which can do in the winter season of Nepal. It is famous for both trekking and pilgrimage. This is one not rush and have full enjoyment with close up of Mountains, ancient cultural and diverse biology passing through the some of the stunning scenery of this heavenly country Nepal. This trekking begins from the Syabrubesi. Local tea houses for the accommodation and its restaurants are in the service throughout the years.

Everest region trekking

Everest region trekking is the first choice trekking destination in the Nepal. It is most popular trekking areas of Nepal. Most people or tourist were come here to see the world highest peak Mt Everest. The trek is the most famous and adventurous trek that has been attracting increasingly travelers years. It would be probably be the most popular trekking destination of the Everest region. The trail then drops through farmland and Sherpa village. This trekking offers you a great opportunity to have unique experiences which is situated in the eastern part of Nepal. It is widely known for the peak Mt Everest that lies at this region. The trek is famous for its biodiversity too. This region is fully an attractive and beautiful. This trek is fun, memorable trek as you will get possibility to view the near up view of mountain, historically lifestyle and passes through some of the beautiful environment of the heavenly country Nepal. While having trekking in this region we get chance to explore Sagarmatha national park, a UNESCO world heritage sites then after we will reach Namche Bazaar.

Everest region trekking is the most attractive and adventurous that has attracting an increasing the number of tourist day by and years to years. In this region when we passing through this route we have to cross the pine forest, rhododendrons, scrub junipers, ultimately, the best flora is low alpine shrubs and grasses. In this region we can mainly see the friendly Sherpa people and the local people believe that the Pangboche Monastery actually has in its possession the real scalp of this Himalayan legend. This trek is a completely fun, memorable. We will get the opportunity to view the close up view of mountains. In this region we can mainly see the friendly Sherpa people and the local people believe that the Pangboche Monastery actually has in its possession the real scalp of this Himalayan legend. The start point of this trekking route is Lukla which is just 30 minutes mountain flight from the Kathmandu valley. While doing trekking in this route we get many opportunities to know about the Sherpa people like their lifestyle, culture, costume and traditions.

Kathmandu Valley trek

Kathmandu valley is known as the capital city of Nepal. If you just have a few days and wants to go trekking where batter then in the Kathmandu valley. There are almost endless options for winter treks in Nepal where you can hike around the valley rim. The valley is boasts unique geographical, natural, and cultural wonders of the tourists and the trekkers alike. It is also known as the Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour. The tour provides you unique experience of art and culture from the countries. This anthropological garden where diverse race, clans, tribes and indigenous people bloom in the no to be found elsewhere the Himalayan atmosphere is a popular tourism destination in the world. If the weather is clean then you see the Mt Everest from the Nagarkot. Although this valley gets a bit chilly in the winter and it’s never gets very cold. During doing the tour in this valley offers you to visit different heritages sites in the Kathmandu valley.  This tour also includes shorts hiking to view magnificent mountains on the way to Telko from Changunarayan. We not only visit the three towns Kathmandu, patan and Bhaktapur but also important sites located in its copulation. The tour takes you all the world heritage sites only in this valley tour. It will take you through the various cultural insights and highlight of the Kathmandu valley. This valley is known as the city of the temple and it is the capital city of Nepal.

Kathmandu valley trek is one of the popular treks in Nepal which begin with visit to world heritage sites scattered around the valley followed by visits to beautiful nearby village. From this trek we get an opportunity to explore UNESCO world heritage sites. You won’t have to get too high and can look forward to retreating to a warm hotel at the end. In this tour we will visit the places like Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. This valley tour is comprises of three medieval period of Malla principalities and there three medieval principalities preserve very fierce rivalry and fought several wars but also withstands in building temples, palaces and development of arts and architectures. There is no season for doing our in this valley because all season is suitable for this valley trek.