Peak Climbing Blog

Peak climbing in Nepal is considered one of the mainstay activities that Nepal offers to the climbers than any country in the world. This climbing in Nepal offers you much more than simply climbing experience. Are you are interested in having outstanding peak climbing trips then Nepal is the perfect place for this climbing because Nepal is the home of the highest peak of world. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a really good climber. Nepal offers climbers the unique amazing experience mixed with typical natural, cultural feelings. There are some famous peak climbing in the Nepal and they are as fallows;

  • Pisang peak climbing
  • Island peak climbing
  • Mera peak climbing
  • Chulu West and Chulu East peak climbing
  • Lobuche peak climbing

If you are an experienced alpinist or mountaineering and you are most likely familiar with such gear. While climbing the peaks we have to use many types of equipment for climbing. There are many types of equipment like;

  • Ice axe
  • Crampon
  • Harness
  • Tape slings
  • Plastic mountaineering boots
  • Helmet
  • Snow bar
  • Rope
  • Ice hammer
  • Ice screw
  • Eight figure
  • Jumar
  • Screwgate karabiners

Ice axe

Ice axe is used during the ascent and the descent with snow or the ice conditions and it also can use as an improvised anchor that involves the steeps climb and in the case of an unexpected downhill slip.


Crampon is can be useful in many other situations involving snow and ice such as crossing snow field, ice field, glacier and scaling rock ice smeared rock.


It is used for securing the climber to a rope or an anchor point and you will require a well fitting sit harness to make sure avoiding discomfort in the upper thigh and groin area.

Tape slings

Tape slings are made for attaching the climber to anchors, creating equalized anchor system, and clipping into the rope gear to reduce drag.

Plastic mountaineering boots

Plastic mountaineering boots is used for the protections the wearer’s feet from the elements and avoid any kind of feet complications such aims frostbite.


While climbing the peak we need to wear the helmet because it protects our head from the injuries that could ruin your entire trips.    

Snow bar

Snow bar is useful device employed for fall protection and holding static loads to use which is protection for climbers and all team cross distance to distance.


While doing the peak climbing rope is one of the useful equipments for the climbing because it helps us to climb the peaks. The rope is very important for those who are climbing and pass follow the distance to distance and safety material.

Ice hammer

Ice hammer can be used as an alternative to the ads component of an ice axe and especially useful for in the terrains involving softer snow, or sometimes it is used to strike the snow bar into hard ice.

Ice screw

Ice screw is used in the tackling steep ice surface and can be employed as a running belay or anchor in the ice.

Eight figure

This types of the equipments functions as a friction brakes and allows steady and controlled descent on a rope.


jumar is the device which is used by the mountaineers to ascends fixed ropes.

Screw gate karabiners

This device is one of the widely used in the safety critical systems like mountains or rock climbing.

All the equipments you can buy in Nepal before our trekking starts. You might wonder where you can buy or rent them before you are headed for the mountains. If you are planning to get them when you arrive in the Kathmandu most trekking agency would be happy to assist you in finding them according to your budgets and needs.

The Peak Climbing is Associate by Nepal Mountaineering associate over 6000 meters to 6999 meters. There are seasonal Permit fee and data structure Management by NMA. Climbing in the peak is a peak with elevation limits of the 6500 meter from the sea level which is an easier to climb without special equipments and long training. The eight out of the fourteen 8000 meter peak lies in the Nepal including the Mount Everest which is the highest peak of the world. For decades Nepal stood proud as the world top trekking and mountaineering destination. The mountaineering activity has become the most popular trend of alluring thousands of adventure seekers to Nepal every year. This differs vastly with the team expeditions and you need to spend more than two weeks for training in the base camp. Trekking through the Everest region is provides you to the chances to discover the varieties of Himalayan flora and fauna and some of the world famous cultural heritage and highest Buddhist monasteries in the world. Nepal Mountains offers the best adventure climbing and mountaineering expedition although all the mountains and their trails are different and unique in their own ways. Our country Nepal opened the peak climbing in 1949.