How to choose best Trekking Company in Nepal?

Ramdung Peak Climbing

Travelers and adventure seekers from all around the flock to Nepal and Nepal is famous for all around the world. We encounters trekking group on every trekking route in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu as well as mustang regions. We understand that choosing the best among the thousand existing company in the Nepal is not so easy. There are more than thousand companies in the Nepal who runs trekking in all over the world. It may be confusion to select best companies of the Nepal. In Nepal trekking season starts from October. If you are looking for trekking agency for then here we will like to suggest some idea about how to choose best trekking agency in Nepal. Price obviously plays a role when choosing your trekking agency.

Some trips on choosing the best trekking company in Nepal:

  • Analyses client reviews and testimonial and most reviews include the clients email address that you can always write and inquire about the company.
  • Always look out for the expedition trip cost and inclusion carefully so they aren’t surprise and check carefully the inclusion and make sure you will fulfills your requirement for the trips.
  • Is the trekking agency carrying out your trek in a sustainable ways with as little negative impact on the environment as possible?
  • Check whether the company offer fixed group joining departure dates to join the group.
  • Check if the company has applicable license and is registered with authority like department of tourism ministry in Nepal NTB and TAAN.
  • Does the company have a contact with a local helicopter emergency evacuation company in case rescue is needed?
  • Check the company’s responsible policies including how they treat the porter.
  • Make sure that the trip leader is reliable competent professional and medically trained capable of handling any adverse situation on trek and team is professional.
  • Analyses the establishment of company since how long they are in this business as years of experience makes a difference.
  • Examine the safety standers of the company by checking the websites emailing with the company or checking the company reviews on trip advisor.