Best 5 things to do Kathmandu

There are lots of thing which can be done within the Kathmandu valley. If you are exploring the city then you will definitely find something interesting in the Kathmandu valley. These top things to do in the Kathmandu valley are as follows;

  • Hiking Around
  • Shopping in Thamel
  • Mountain flight
  • Visit Pashupatinath Temple
  • Visit Swayambhunath

Hiking Around

Kathmandu valley offers some of the interesting hiking option for hikers where villages have retained a traditional way of living untouched by modern development. The valley also offers variety of outdoor activities to explore its natural beauty. The valley is boasts unique geographical, natural, and cultural wonders of the tourists and the trekkers alike. It is also known as the Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour. The tour provides you unique experience of art and culture from the countries. Two of the most popular villages to visit are Bungmati and Khokana which is located to the south of Kathmandu valley. You will be overwhelmed to see how drastically the lifestyle of the people changes as you move away from the crowded city life. The most popular day hikes around Kathmandu can be Nagarkot Hike, Chisapani Hike, Champadevi hike and so on. This anthropological garden where diverse race, clans, tribes and indigenous people bloom in the no to be found elsewhere the Himalayan atmosphere is a popular tourism destination in the world. This tour also includes shorts hiking to view magnificent mountains on the way to Telko from Changunarayan. Many of the villagers are engaged into wood carving and sculpture and you can drop by their workshop. The tour takes you all the world heritage sites only in this valley tour. It will take you through the various cultural insights and highlight of the Kathmandu valley. This valley is known as the city of the temple and it is the capital city of Nepal.

In the day hiking we will visit the places like Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. It is not that hard and not bad for the first hiker. The rural people live in the opens plains, green hills and Rocky Mountains with perennial snow. In around the valley tour organized by Everest adventure team give you an opportunity of exploring live cultural of medieval Kathmandu especially developed during the reign of malla dynasty. This city tour is fit for all aged group traveler less than one week. You can find some reliable travel operates to organize your perfect Kathmandu private hiking trips.

Shopping in Thamel

While you are looking for things to do in the Kathmandu valley and you are confused from where you start then take a stroll in the vibrant streets of Thamel which is most famous place of the Kathmandu valley for shopping and walking. This neighborhood everything traveler would ever need concentrated within several confusing, twisting streets. This place of the Kathmandu valley has been known to be the heart and soul of the Kathmandu valley. The streets of this lively area are lined with shops overflowing with brightly colored clothing, jewelry, paper lanterns, thankga paintings, wood carvings, bronze statues, music and books. A little pricey and a little crowded but a more familiar experience for most tourists. You will come across the various types of restaurants shops and Hugh numbers of sign boards which will surly give you an idea about your next activities. If feels like a maze but this place offers everything for accommodations, restaurants, coffee house, tour operators to trekking store, textile shop and money changers. You will find shops and markets all open from the dusk till down. It is still manages to retain old world feel, perpetuated by the rows of the Tibetan prayers flag and cycle rickshaws that trundle by. If the local market experience was a little too much for you then try in this place or market. In this bazaar you will get colored soft pashmina and dancing dolls may be a great souvenir to get from the local shopes.

Thamel offers the variety of activities for your varied taste. Mountaineer comes here to buy their gear, while others simply decide to stay for the busy atmosphere and the excitement of it all. This place is also known as the popular tourist heaven which is one of the oldest places in the Kathmandu valley where you can still observe Nepalese culture and daily life in these streets. From here you can access the entire thing imaginable from souvenirs to knockoffs, restaurants to tattoo parlor and mainly trekking and tour companies. This place takes on the different vibes as its streets glow with the warmth of the multitude of lights and the sounds of live music drifts from its bar. In the bazaar the food quality is better and there are plenty of international themed clubs and entertainment centers.

Mountain flight

Mountain flight is one of the adventurous things which can be done from the Kathmandu valley. You can get the glimpse at the best via various flights from the Kathmandu valley. This flight offers a great opportunity to the entire tourist to come face to face with majestic peaks of the Himalayans. It is a sparkling clear journey across the world highest peaks. You will be awarded with the most fascinating wonderful views. This flight tour in Nepal will enable the visitor to wonderful views of the high hills and other surrounding mountain. Most of the peaks are among the highest in the world. The pristine beauty of this desolate landscape is a reflection of how hospitable and unreachable it is. This experience flight is suitable for those who don’t have time to go on trekking or climbing trips on the foothill of the entire region but nevertheless you too can experience the wonders of the wonderful views these amazing mountains. The flight takes you within camera range of some of the highest peak of the world. There are eight peaks in the Nepal which stands above the 8000 meter high among the 14 all over the world. It is a good opportunity to take a short Himalayan flight to view the world highest mountains. The best way to experience the natural beauty of Nepal and its mountain and the flight provides you with just the opportunity to go deep into the Himalayans.

Mountain flight trek starts from Kathmandu. If you don’t have enough time for the Annapurna and Everest trekking this flight trekking offer you the best option. You will be among the lucky few to witness the Himalayan this close. While doing this trekking route you will enjoy the wonderful view from you window seat as you fly over the wonderful Himalayan region of the country. The major attraction of this tour is high mountains or peaks of Nepal. The sight of the high mountain covered with the snow for all the regions will seem superb through the bird’s eyes prospects. There are several packages for this flight tour in Nepal which will take the visitors or viewers to different places of Nepal. Spring and autumn is considered as the best season for this mountain flight.

Visit Pashupatinath Temple

Kathmandu valley is known as the city of the temple where there are large numbers of temple. You can visit disputant temple in the valley as it is one of the most culturally interesting place to visit. From them Pashupatinath is one of them. Everyday thousands of the Hindu pilgrims from around the world make their way to Pashupatinath temple to worship the God Shiva. As long as you are opening minded and you have respect for other traditions then this temple is the perfect place can be eye opener. This holy temple draws devotees from the Indian subcontinent along with motley collection of painted sadhus. This temple is notable for the insight it provides into the lives of the Hindu monks who devoted themselves for the Shiva. This place is also known as the most popular Hindu temple of the valley or in the Nepal. The temple sites on the bank of the Bagmati River just outside of Kathmandu valley. It is not only just architecturally beautiful but also one of the oldest and most important Shiva Temple of the world. This temple shares many interesting things about this temple if you are keen to observe and in this temple most of the sadhus are friendly and happy to be photographed for the small fee. This is also where so many people in Kathmandu are brought when they die.

A visit to pashupatinath may also present the opportunity to witness a fascinating through the certainly somber cultural ceremony. The site of temple was where the god Shiva hid the rest gods by taking the form of an antelope. There are some stone for funerals. You will get an uncensored perspective of life and death including the open air cremation of bodies on funerals pyre along the river bank. It is a very interesting experience despite it a time can be too much for a westerner. As you walk in the alleys of the Kathmandu valley you are likely to discover more temples with great significances to the locals. Often you will see the covered bodies’ paraded through the temple grounds, past hordes of monkey and sadhus towards the river.

Visit Swayambhunath

After Pashupatinath Swayambhunath is also one of the famous monasteries of Buddhist people in the Kathmandu valley. In Nepal this temple is also called as the temple of the Monkey because we can see everywhere monkey in the temple. If you are for natural beauty given the quantity of the animals that hang out here. It is the oldest shrine complex the entire Kathmandu valley. This site is in the top of the hill to the west of the Kathmandu valley. The monkeys are in the large number and will happily any fruit that offer you them but similarly attracted to jewelry and shiny items. We do urge you to hike up the 365 stone steps to get an incredible 360 degree view of the Kathmandu valley. In this ancient Stupa you can see its golden spires, white domed ceiling and eerie painted eye from the distance. They are believed to be holy although it is best not to think about the reason. They are said to have been formed from the head lice of the Buddhist deity Manjushri who was raised there. Visit early in the morning and be prepared for plenty of walking and a small hike up the hill. The beautiful golden stupas at the top are also fairly impressive and are a fun sight to photograph and capture. Once you arrive in this monastery you will be greeted by a pack of monkey who has led locals to refer to the complex as the monkey temple.

On your way back from Swayambhunath you may also consider visiting the three Buddha perk which is home to as you might have guessed three giant golden Buddha where each Buddha are round 20 meter tall and is worth the slight detour. The exact origin of the sight one of the most important pilgrimage sights for Tibetan Buddhist who are unclear. It was founded in the beginning o the 5th century and is the oldest of its kind in Nepal. If you are interested to gaining insight into the religious aspect of the temple and its significance in the society then we will highly prefer you to take Swayambhu tour led by a resident monk.