Restricted Trekking Routes

Restricted Trekking trails can be done by tented camp and tea house as well. The regulations designed with new democratic constitution regulation and opened for visiting the most inaccessible and firmly controlled area in Nepal. Nepal is famous among many travelers from around the world. Many treks that may be suggested on a map in the restricted area and you either cannot get a permit for those regions or must travel with a liaison officer and pay for special permit. All these facts should be kept in mind to avoid hassle at the later stage. These trekking areas are different in many features from ordinary trekking region. Trekking in this area of Nepal needs special permit and you either cannot get a permit for that region or you must travel with a liaison officer and should pay for a special permit. When planning you a trek then assume that these areas will remain closed.

Restricted Trekking package suggest you how to travel in these places. The main reason for the restriction is to protect the natural and fragile environment and culture of the area from the outer influence. For the trekking in this place or in the region minimum 2 peoples are needed in the group. These areas trekking places have yet reminded unspoiled or untamed that are of full of wilderness ecological and cultural museum. Nature conservation society has been putting a lot of pressure on government to let the closed areas to remain closed so that the flora and fauna and the nature as whole of that area remain safe. For doing this area trekking in Nepal is demanding and requires full physical fitness and stamina for success and the reward is way more incredible in comparison to normal trekking area of Nepal. We Everest adventure team will arrange this trekking through our lifetime experience guide and staffs.