Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal is challenging adventure package in Himalayan country of Nepal which offers beautiful Himalayan scenery, summit the Nepal trekking peak throughout Nepal different trekking route. It is one of the most famous adventure expeditions in the world. It offers you the most underline adventure activities in Nepal Himalayan. Most of the trekking peak in Nepal are not very technical and can be scaled by any reasonable fit people or trekker. It is a fascinating dream for many mountain climbers.  This trekking is the combination of the peak climbing mainly in Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region as well as the other trekking trails of the Nepal. With the snow clad wonderful Himalayans, Nepal can offer a captivating, challenging and adventurous treasure for any traveler. Currently there are 326 peaks are open for climbing and mountaineering in Nepal. The trek offers some of the most exciting, enthralling, mountain and peaks climbing experiences which when combined with trekking through the villages in the different region of the Himalayan.

Peak Climbing in Nepal and mountaineering beginner can enjoy with Nepal trekking. This trekking offers the best choice of the mountain expeditions for the both experience and the novice climber. This climbing trekking needs several considerations before one can embark on actual climbing activities. More than thousand of peaks are permitted to climb by the government of Nepal. Most of this peak climbing trips takes you through the wild and unexplored alpine region which is out of the crowed of the few regular trekkers. To climb peak you will need to have basic mountaineering skill like using ice axes, walking on crampons, utilizing rope techniques, glaciers walking, rock climbing etc with the team of the experienced Sherpa’s and guide. Everest adventure team offers the peak climbing in Nepal for the small scaled mountain peaks like Island peak and Mera peak.