New Trekking Routes

New Trekking Route is for those who are interested in the exploration and trekking in the quieter trekking trails of Nepal which comprises of wide range of cultural and natural diversity. Nepal presents an immense scope for trekking in the Himalayan region. This trekking route in Nepal has gained popularity among interested trekkers tend to be crowed and busy. The contrast in the altitude and varied geography in Nepal support a striking mix of diverse cultures, lifestyle and biodiversity. There have been ongoing efforts on parts of government and non government agencies working in the tourism sector to continuously identifying new and exciting trekking destinationThese newly opened trekking are highly recommended mainly to those who already trekked most of the popular trekking routes of Nepal. Green valley trek arrange trekking trip to open trekking destination. This time looking for something really new adventure trekking as to trek through some remote and isolated villages, meeting warm and friendly people from several tribe communities, their cultures, all being in the wonderful land of Himalayans Nepal.

New Trekking Route with Everest adventure team are designed very carefully to enjoy maximum level of trekking experience in the hidden corner of Nepal. Tapping some of the unique potential of these features new trekking areas have been recently opened. Following are some of the newly developed trekking destination that has been thoughtfully upgraded to accommodate to visit of new arrivals with provision of sounds physical infrastructure for sustainable tourism practices. If you are looking for more quite natural and non tourist trekking trails in Nepal. Our this new trekking destination will cover some of the best possible trekking trails of Nepal that can be of great contribution for the future generation trekking in Nepal. These trekking provide the perfect answer to all the trekkers who are looking for new trekking areas and adventure and diverse culture and natural treasure of Nepal.