Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region Trekking is one of the nearest trekking route which is laying jus 132 km from the north of Kathmandu valley. This region is considered as the Nepal third largest trekking destination. This trekking route is very much popular for it langtang conservation area which is the house of more than 100 plants, bird of 150 species and many other mammals. The area is famous for its unique traditions, Buddhist monasteries and monument along the way and the wonderful mountain views. This trekking trail is famous for its awesome beauty. We begin our trekking from the lower region of this valley through the small village. The major attraction of the region is the unique culture of Tamang people who is originally originated from the Tibet and their religious practices, language and dress are very similar to those of Tibet than to traditions of their cousins in the middle hills. This trail is gifted with sublime mountain views and impressive scenic landscape.

Langtang Region Trekking is one of the visited trekking routes of Nepal which indulges regular and novice trekkers alike in a once in a lifetime experience. This trek follows the river upstream through forest of pine, bamboo and rhododendron. This trekking route combines the remote and wonderful valleys mountains along the famous lake called Gosaikunda.  In this route we can still see the influence in the rich local culture. It also happens to be the first Himalayan national park. The season for having trekking in this region is March to June and September to December. Many trekking packages can be organized separately or jointly in this region. This offers an experience not to be found elsewhere. The trekking trails offers up close and the personal views of high peak. This protected area has divers’ flora and fauna.