Homestay Trekking

Home stay trekking is new concept of tourism in Nepal. This trekking is a living arrangement with a mass family who offers an extra private guest room or space for clients. It is an opportunity for every traveler to enjoy with the typical Nepalese life, local peoples, their richest culture and traditions. This type of trekking is economically cheaper comparatively with other type of trekking like camping trekking. Someone who like to learn Nepalese and share teach English gain acquaintance of local culture of Nepal. The country offers such as diversity that the visitor may experience any lifestyle from the stone stage in far west and high hills to the jet age of Kathmandu valley. We are leading these trek how has different interest than other visitors. It is a very cheap holiday’s package that pays rich dividend. We bring you those culturally reaches village to make you unbelievable holidays.

Home stay trekking in Nepal might be interesting as traveling to this implausible land. Community home stay and private home stay are two forms adopted in Nepal which represent the usage of either the community building or private houses to provide shelter. If you are one of them in different interest list then please welcome to you to families, close with local family to know more about the Nepalese lifestyle culture by interacting with locals peoples. We have developed a concept of trekking in the new routes in trekking in the Nepal. After you trekking in this stay you will lifelong friends from countryside that you love. The season between January to august and September to December is considered as the best season for this trekking. Everest adventure team has organized such an interesting tour in Nepal since long time. This also promotes the use of local resources and major elements of eco tourism.